Tax Returns

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At Gary Wilkins & Associates our qualified tax consultants can help with all tax returns, regardless of the complexity. In Australia our tax system is complex, it’s a specialised field that is constantly evolving and we are continually learning so we are across all new developments.

Whether you’re a sole trader, individual, partnership or company, we can advise, walk you through the process and lodge the return for you. We ensure our clients claim the maximum that is legally allowable for their particular financial situation.

We offer flexible appointments, you can set up a face to face appointment at our office, e-mail us or talk to us over the phone. We work with the communication channel that works best for you and you can ask any question you would like an answer to.

If you can’t meet during business hours, we are available for appointments after hours to suit. We do our best to make it easy for you to access professional knowledge and expertise for all your tax requirements. Ensuring our clients claim all deductions that are legally allowable to enable them to maximise their profits, is what we do. We can also deduct our fees from your tax refund.


Individual Tax Returns

Lodging a tax return for the first time can be overwhelming. Whether it’s your first return or you have been struggling through for years and are ready for help, our friendly tax advisors can either guide you through the process or do the tax return for you. We make sure you understand every aspect of the process by explaining it to you in clear terms you will understand.

Rental Property Tax Returns

Make the most out of your rental investment by filling out your tax return correctly. Our tax advisors specialise in rental properties, one mistake can become costly, let our tax advisors look over your paperwork to see where we can help.

We can ensure you receive the maximum benefits from your investment simply by re-evaluating your tax return to ensure it’s filed correctly.

Shares & Investments Tax Returns

Building wealth through shares and other investments is a solid strategy, however, it’s crucial to understand the financial implications and intricacies to avoid some of the costly pitfalls.

With more than two decades of industry experience, we’ve worked with many clients who have used smart investments to build their wealth. We’re very knowledgeable about the tax system and can advise you on what’s best for you and your business.

We stay up to date with all the latest guidelines and ensure you claim everything legally allowable to help you retain more of your hard-earned profits.

Managed Fund Tax Returns

Managed funds can be a great way to invest your money but they do effect your tax returns. Rather than spending your time trying to figure it out on your own, talk to our team of experienced advisors. They can help you navigate through the process and complex forms to ensure your reporting is compliant and correct.

Call or email us today to make an appointment, either for a face to face or phone discussion. Our qualified tax agents are always happy to offer their professional expertise. We offer great customer service with no waiting times.